Orange Tag Clearance Bin

Save big on demo units, scratch and dents and display models!
Many one of a kind deals. Free storage until spring.

This section is updated frequently with new additions as well as removing all sold items. Many items in our Clearance Bin are one-of-a-kind deals and are exceptional values and therefore sell very quickly.

In order to accommodate people whose schedules do not allow them to come in to our store on a regular basis we have implemented a system to allow you to freeze any item on this list for seven days before we sell it.

If you would like us to put a hold on any item simply send an e-mail to us with a description of the item. Please include your name and phone number and the approximate date and time when you expect to stop in.


Commercial Zero Turns
QTY Model Description List Sale
1 PRO Z 148 S EFI 25hp Twin Kohler Confidant EFI Steering Wheel 48" FAB $8,899.00 $6,119.00
Utility Vehicles
QTY Model Description List Sale
1 750 CREW YELLOW 735cc EFI 4x4 4-Seater Roof Windshield Winch $14,399.00 $9,896.00
1 CX400 Challenger 404cc 2wd w/diff lock $6,599.00 $5,496.00
2 CX400 LX Challenger 404cc 2wd w/diff lock windsheild roof $6,999.00 $5,996.00